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Three Pot System

  1. -The module is made of recyclable PP in black colour and UV resistance.

  2. -The module is mounted on strong galvanized steel frame for the green wall shall be able to withstand

  typhoon and earthquake effect.

  1. -Each pot shall contain individual built-in irrigation and drainage system.

  2. -Each pot shall contain individual built-in dripper.

  3. -Each plant shall be placed in a small container and put in each module for easily replacement.

  4. -Automatic irrigation system shall be implemented with the system to ensure complete saturation with

  a minimum amount of effort and water.

  1. -The automatic irrigation system design shall effectively water all medium and give operational

  flexibility to water different plant types for the plants of the green wall.

  1. -Excess water shall drain out from each pot individually to prevent cross-infection between pots.

  2. -A small amount of water shall be contained in the reservoir locates on bottom part of each pot to

  extend the time gap between irrigation time intervals.

  1. -Plant can be easily be replaced within a short period of time by taking the small container which

  holds the plant and placing another container with a new plant.

  1. -Patterns of plants can be easily be rearranged within a short period of time by rearranging or

  replacing plants without dissemble the module itself.

  1. -Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications

  2. -Around 48 plants per square meter

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Three Pot
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Project References

Luxury apartment, 21 Tai Tam Road, Hong Kong

Crystal Group Office, Dongguan, China

Luxury apartment,

8 Chun Fai Terrace, Hong Kong

Cleopatra - High-end beauty shop, Shenzhen, China

Q Square Shopping Mall, Taipei, Taiwan

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