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ELT Living Wall System

  1. -Number of pots shall be 180 for planting (i.e. one plant per pot) for every square meter of green wall.

  2. -The module is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and in black colour.

  3. -UV resistance.

  4. -Total of 45 individual cells in each living wall panel. Each cell is set on a 30 degree angle and has a depth of 60mm from the front of the panel to the back.

  5. -A collection chamber at the top of each panel to collect water from the irrigation emitter line and direct it into each of the panel cells. There is a drip edge at the bottom of each panel to allow for excess water to drain away.

  6. -Two (2) fastener channels down each side of the living wall panel to provide an access point for fasteners to be used in securing the living wall panel to the mounting hardware. 

  7. -Each panel has a horizontal support channel formed into the back to carry and disperse the weight evenly across the panel.

  8. -Automatic irrigation system shall be implemented with the system to ensure complete saturation with a minimum amount of effort and water.

  9. -The automatic irrigation system design shall effectively water all medium and give operational flexibility to water different plant types for the plants of the green wall.

  10. -Suitable for different shapes of wall.

  11. -Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

  12. -About 180 plants per square meter

ELT Living Wall
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