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ELT Green Roof System

  1. -Designed by ELT in Canada

  2. -Ultra-light weighted module with only 45mm thickness

  3. -Can be installed on most existing structures and fit-in roof garden, even on metal roof.

  4. -High percentages of recycled content and renewable hemp fibers 

  5. -LEED friendly

  6. -Black HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): UV-resistant and 100% Recyclable HDPE is one of the few plastics that can be recycled back into itself fully.

  7. -This plastic is also very resistant to chemicals found in fertilizers ensuring a very long product life span

  8. -The whole system with turf vegetation and growing medium could be as low as 65 Kg per square meter when in wet condition.

Kader Building, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

The Manhattan, Tai Tam, Hong Kong

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Hong Kong

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